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The Diffculty of this Blog June 4, 2008

Posted by faradhi in Confidentiality, Foster Care.
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This blog is turning out to be more difficult than I originally thought. As foster parents, we are bound by confidentiality agreements and privacy issues. This means that I cannot post information about our children. Thus I am struggling with how to write about our experiences and yet maintain our children’s confidentiality.

It is not just a privacy issue. Some of the children that may placed in our home will be old enough to read and understand this blog. Eventually all of my children will grow up (No duh) as such this blog will require delicacy and tact. (This is where my family will laugh. Tact to me is something that holds posters on the wall and delicacy is something to be eaten.) This means that negative comments about family members are out. Additionally, the child may be embarrassed about the entire situation. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid the potential for embarrassment.

This blog may become easier as we increase the number of children that have come into our home. The more children we have will make it more difficult to identify one child from another when I strip out identifying information. However, this is still a fine line. Additionally, I fear as more children enter my home I will have difficulty in remembering the experiences that I have. One reason I want to blog is to create a journal of my experiences I can look back on. To temporarily resolve this issue, I plan to write and password protect posts. This way not only can I continue to blog while the experiences are still fresh but I can have others look at it for their input.

So here I am. I want to blog about my experiences. Many of which are so intertwined with the child’s experiences that it is almost impossible to separate the two. I think it is important to get the experiences of good foster parents in public. So many times we hear about the bad foster parents. How many people think that ALL foster parents are out just for the money or neglect the children in their care. The good foster parents have a responsibility to stand up and show the care they give their children. If you have a suggestion please post a comment.

Well, off to begin researching this dilemma.