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Like My Wife Does Not have Enough to Do June 11, 2008

Posted by faradhi in Foster Care, Public Policy, Waste.
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We are really enjoying the children we have had in our home. Now granted we have only had two but so far so good. The current one we have, a 5month old who was one month premature and in the NICU for a month, who we have had for 4 months (you do the math to figure out when we got her) has had very few issues. The only reason we have her is because the family she will be going to lives in another state. More on this later.

So we have this adorable, healthy 5 month old. We get a call from the Social Worker. The state requires a 4 month check up. My wifes says, no problem she just had it a couple of weeks ago and her pediatrician says everything is going smooth as silk. But Nooooo, the Social Worker explains, the health department has to do a check up as well. Of course they do, it would be way too convenient to have only one 4 month check up. Come on people, like we do not have enough appointments, we have to have two 4 month check ups. We have three Social Worker visits a month, court dates, foster care review boards, doctors appointments and now health department check ups that have already been performed by the doctor. Yes mistress may I have some more please, use the whip please mistress.

Now in this case when I say we, i mean my wife. This lovely, light of my life, beautiful woman keeps up with all of the appointments while I waste time at work writing blog posts. She has been an incredible mom to the children in our home. That said, she has enough to do. She does not need the additional responsibility of repeating appointments.

Ok, aside from the inconvenience lets look at this from a public policy standpoint. The state Medicaid has to pay (thereby we have to pay) for a Doctor’s visit and any tests they run. Then we turn around and bring them to the county heath department for essentially the same thing. Paid for by who? That’s right boys and girls, We do! Congratulations taxpayers, not only do you get to partially pay for this child’s care, some of the child’s formula via WIC and all the child’s medications, you have to pay for two identical appointments. So while they are cutting the Department of Human Services budget, we double dip on taxpayer dollars so that a healthy 5 month old can be seen for two check ups.

Ahhh just warms my heart to know that the state government is working hard to cut costs wherever they can.



1. fostermom00 - June 14, 2008

That made me laugh out loud. It’s amazing how ridiculous the system can be, you just have to shake your head so you don’t shake a social worker!

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