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Disaster Recovery for the Child – Applying Work Experience to Foster Care June 9, 2008

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At one point, we were down to one car. I had an unfortunate accident that totaled one of our cars. While we shopped and decided on which car to purchase, we were using one car. This means that I had to be picked up from work each day. Well on one such day, we decided to stop and pick up some equipment I loaned a friend. During that brief visit, the child began to cry inconsolably. This is very unusual this child is normally very laid back. So after an hour of trying to console and figure out what was wrong we decided to bring a the child to a local children’s hospital’s urgent care facility. One one problem… We left the foster care contracts at home. This is required to show we are allowed to obtain care for the child.

So, I drop my wife and child off at the urgent care facility and rush home to grab the contract. The urgent care facility was awesome. They saw the child before I got back and everything turned out fine. I guess it was a slow day for them. But Doctor’s Offices tend to be very rigid and urgent care facilities tend to be worse. I was very surprised when I got a call from my wife stating that the doctor had seen the child and everything was copasetic.

We know that we need the contract to get anything done on behalf of the child. But, my wife figured she would be out only a few minutes. Off to pick me up then right back home. So the moral and lesson to the story is that you should alway make copies of the contracts and put them in any cars you have. That way, you almost always have them. In this case, since the child is an infant, we are placing a copy in the diaper bag. That way we always have it.

I am kicking myself over this. As a professional that is responsible for Disaster Recovery for my organization, I have a copy of the Disaster Recovery plan in the trunk of my car and one in my house. That way I have it wherever I am. It should have been second nature to do this for the child.

On a side note, I wish the state would issue some kind of ID card with the child’s and foster parents’ names that we could put it in our wallets. This provides convenient and easy way to let facilities know that we are the child’s caregivers. Who knows, maybe some time in the future.



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